General Engineering (BS)

Want to help change the world and serve others through technology? Here’s a solid engineering foundation that will show you how to think critically, solve problems like an engineer, and work with others on design projects that matter.

General Engineering at SPU incorporates a blend of mechanical engineering & electrical/computer engineering. It also contains 18 credits that are highly flexible and can be drawn from any discipline, such as physics, biology, business, music, etc.

Engineering students work on a project

What’s different? Our approach looks to the greater good by serving others through technology. The motivation we share within a Christian environment shines through in the kinds of projects we tackle.

Accredited? Yes, the General Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, as you would expect.

This major provides a strong general overview that will prepare you for a number of professional options. Here’s a suggested course sequence flow chart.

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Why Engineering at SPU?

You can study engineering at many good universities. But at SPU, you’ll learn how to apply what you learn to serve others and make a real difference in the world.



Can I get a scholarship? They’re available for prospective, current, and transfer students in the Engineering and Computer Science department.

Matt Basinger

Success story: Matt Basinger

“My time at SPU was a season of life that was full of joy, adventure, self-discovery, and life-long memories.”

Meet mechanical engineering graduate Courtney Shaw ‘18. At SPU, Shaw participated in the Women in Engineering and Science Clubs as well as the Engineering Computer Science Council.