SPU offers two versions of the Philosophy major: the General Track and the Technical Track. Find out more below.

As a Philosophy major, you’ll learn to see the connections between very different fields of thought such as science, religion, and ethics. And philosophy majors develop strong skills in writing, critical thinking, interpreting difficult arguments, and in the communication of complex ideas.

We recommend that prospective majors take an introductory course and the logic sequence (PHI 1001 and PHI 2001) prior to taking other courses in the major. 

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Requirements for the Philosophy major

View the requirements for Philosophy: General Track.

View the requirements for Philosophy: Technical Track.

  • Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher (4.0=A) in all college work applicable to the degree, or 3.0 in the 45 credits immediately preceding application to the major.
  • Philosophy majors must be proficient in a foreign language. For more information, including alternative ways of satisfying this requirement, see Foreign Language Competency in the Undergraduate Catalog. Language proficiency is not satisfied as part of the community college direct transfer degree unless the transcript records the completion of foreign language coursework.
  • Students who choose Philosophy as a second major must earn a total of 54 credits, 25 of which must be upper division. However, the student may omit 5 credits from the history, systematic, or elective courses with the approval of the philosophy faculty.

Entering the Major

You may enter the Philosophy major during your first quarter at SPU. Entrance after your first quarter requires only good academic standing (2.0 or higher SPU cumulative GPA). Consult the undergraduate catalog for complete information on how and when to enter and what you must do to complete the program.   

See how the philosophy major’s new technical track covers essential topics for a successful career in technology.

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Philosophers in tech? Yes!

Our Philosophy: Tech Track is designed for a unique and rewarding career in Seattle's tech industry.